Individuals who develop a disability after working for the majority of their adult lives can be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), an insurance benefit that every working American pays into with each paycheck.  Unfortunately, applicants have to go through a lengthy process and then  to wait for 5-months until eligibility for compensation.  They must also wait 29 months—a 24-month waiting period after the start of their disability payments—to receive health insurance through Medicare.  In 2018 alone, about 16,000 workers with disabilities died during the 5-month waiting period and about 56,000 workers with disabilities died waiting for Medicare coverage.  The Stop the Wait Act would direct the Social Security Administration (SSA) to phase out the 5-month waiting period to receive SSDI benefits and allow anyone who is uninsured or unable to afford insurance during the Medicare waiting period to receive Medicare coverage.  We urge members of the House of Representatives to cosponsor this legislation. 

We need you to contact your Representatives and Senators to urge them to cosponsor the Stop the Wait Act (H.R. 883 and S. 320)! 

Thank you for your advocacy efforts! 
The NDSC Policy & Advocacy Team 

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