Individuals with disabilities face significant challenges when accessing oral healthcare services. These challenges include the limited availability of dental care providers trained to meet their specialized needs, inadequate coverage for dental services under Medicaid and Medicare, and a lack of professional dental education and continued education programs incorporating integrated healthcare models. Addressing these issues requires the development of compensation strategies, specialized training for dental healthcare professionals, and implementation of integrated healthcare models.

The Oral Health Literacy and Awareness Act would 

  • improve oral health literacy and awareness through federal, state, and local programs.
  • define key terms related to oral health, such as "oral health literacy" and "oral health workforce."
  • award grants to states and entities to fund programs promoting oral health education and outreach, primary care integration, and training for oral health professionals.
  • mandate research and data collection related to oral health literacy, disparities, and access to care.
  • require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to coordinate with federal agencies and stakeholders to promote oral health literacy and awareness and to submit a report to Congress on the program's implementation and impact.

We need you to contact your Representatives and Senators to urge them to cosponsor the Oral Health Literacy and Awareness Act (S. 403/H.R. 994)!

Thank you for the consideration of this request.  

Thank you for your advocacy efforts! 
The NDSC Policy & Advocacy Team 

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